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      5% discount for all services

within 30 days of last appointment.


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15% discount for all seniors and military.


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 In today's world; it is nearly impossible to live care free. With so many stressors it is important to find ways to relax and recover. Massage reduces stress, creates space for personal care while improving your physical and mental health. We offer a variety of massages to meet all of your needs. Our massages incorporate multiple techniques that are fully customizable to your request. We also offer add-on's to further enhance your experience.  

This is a focused treatment that uses medium to firm pressure. It is recommended for those with knots or pain in one or two specific areas while the rest of the massage is a relaxing experience with less pressure if desired by the client.

60 minutes          $100   
90 minutes          $150
Available enhancements:
      Neck and Shoulder
      Hot Stone
      Foot Treatment
      Full Body Stretch





Deep Tissue

If you have sore, tight muscles that just seem to linger, or you go by the motto "no pain, no gain"; this is the right massage for you! The techniques used in this massage are stronger to lengthen muscles, reduce soreness and improve range of motion by accessing deep fibers of the muscle which allows adhesions, usually referred to as knots to release.
60 minutes     $110
90 minutes     $160
Available enhancements:
      Neck and Shoulder
      Hot Stone
      Foot Treatment
      Full Body Stretch





NeuroMuscular Therapy
While still being a full body massage; this treatment is focused on chronic imbalances of muscle strain, also known as Medical Massage and covered through FSA/HSA benefits. It treats a host of chronic illnesses including carpal tunnel, scoliosis, glut and hamstring tightness such as sciatica and other muscular dysfunction causing pain in the low back, hip flexors or legs. This massage supports chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy or pre/post surgery. It is also helpful for acute muscle strain with decreased range of  motion in neck, upper back and shoulders. 
90 minutes     $170




Lymphatic Drainage       

Lymph is an aspect of the immune system. This massage encourages the movement of excess fluid (edema) into the lymph system which reduces inflammation, pain and swelling. The techniques used stimulate an immune response and is a natural detox for the entire body. The massage can be specialized to fit your needs, either localized or full body.
75 minutes $120
Available enhancements: Please ask your therapist for additional information.   
      Foot Treatment                                                                                          





Full Body Stretch

The stretch is done fully dressed. Affectionately known as passive yoga, the therapist will put your body in different positions to lengthen all major muscle groups from the neck to feet. Please wear loose fitting clothing. This treatment can stand alone or be added to any massage except sports and neuromuscular. See enhancements.
60 minutes   $100






Pain with decreased range of motion can be caused by short, tight muscles. Stretching these muscles with isometric movement and other muscle lengthening techniques can relieve pain while increasing flexibility. Anatomical balance between bones and muscles allows the body to function optimally. This is true for everyone but more so for athletes; whether you like hitting the gym, practice yoga or you're a weekend warrior. 
This massage is also recommended for the day of a sports event. It's performed at least one hour before or afterwards. It prepares the body for high performance and reduces the risk of injury.
30 minutes     $60*   
*only offered on the day of a sporting event
90 minutes     $160
120 minutes   $200




Neck and Shoulder

For various reasons, many of us have tight neck and shoulders. This massage is for the upper body only. Even when the pain is localized, other areas such as back, arms and hips can be affected or even the cause. Tension headaches are often caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the inability to turn the head, completely raise an arm or numbness and tingling of the fingers.  This massage uses firm to deep pressure.    

75 minutes     $110                                                          Available enhancements:                                                                             Aromatherapy                                                                                          Hot Stone                                                               



Add a relaxing essential oil to any massage (except neuromuscular, sports and stretch) to make your experience complete. Choose from bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, peppermint, and rose.
Neck and Shoulder
Not sure you want to give up your full body experience? But you also want additional focus on your neck and shoulders. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it to? This enhancement adds 15 minutes to your massage. It can be added to the Therapeutic and deep tissue options.                                        
$25 or $30 hot stone
Full Body Stretch
The stretch is done fully dressed. Affectionately known as passive yoga, the therapist will put your body in different positions to lengthen all major muscle groups from the neck to feet. Please wear loose fitting clothing. This 30 minute add-on can be combined with any massage except sports and neuromuscular.
Foot Treatments
Enjoy a soothing foot massage to relieve tired, over worked feet that includes a gentle foot scrub, clay mask and a hydrating moisturizer to restore balance from the bottom up. This enhancement adds 15 minutes to your massage.
Pain Relief
This offers more pressure and structural manipulation to address plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.
Gratuity is appreciated and is commonly 20% of the full rate. We accept cash, Venmo, HSA/FSA and credit/debit cards.
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